Should I Rekey Or Change My Locks?

Rekey Services

Clients seeking locksmith services often confuse locks change and rekeying. Because the two mean different things in the locksmith terminology. Also, whether to change the lock or rekey, apply in different scenarios. This article will define the two terminologies and see when either of the two applies best. Keep reading to find out whether you should rekey or go for the locks change.

Rekeying Definition

The term rekeying refers to the extraction of the lock cylinder from your current lock and changing the lock pins, commonly referred to as the lock tumblers. A professional locksmith will remove the whole lock from the door and replace the original pins with new ones. Therefore, by performing the rekeying procedure, the current key will no longer be used for unlocking the lock anymore. This is simply because the lock pins have changed.

After replacement of original pins with the new set, the locksmith will properly choose the right size of the pin and define the depth of the key while setting the pins. To perform this, a key coder can be used in order to make sure that the right pins will be used. Lock rekeying is a simple procedure and takes just a few minutes to complete. Further, lock rekeying comes with a number of advantages, but also has disadvantages.

When Should You Consider Lock Rekeying?

Lock rekeying can be done under different scenarios. One is when you are happy with the current locks, but you would want these looks to have a different look. Therefore, to renew the old locks while keeping the current key, consider the lock rekeying.

The second scenario when to consider the lock rekeying is if you recently moved into a new place and you do not know if someone else had the key to the house. also, some people will consider lock rekeying after losing the original key. Lock rekeying is becoming a favorite approach for denying a person access to a certain room especially when the terms are violated.

Locks Change Definition

Just as the name suggests, the locks change is different from rekeying because instead of taking out the pins from the lock, you are removing the entire lock cylinder replacing with the new one. Ideally, you are getting rid of the lock cylinder together with the pins. With the locks change, you can change the color and the design of the lock.

Now, you know what locks change and rekeying refer to, in the locksmith terminology. Now, it is important that we see the different circumstances to consider lock rekeying or locks change.

When To consider A Lock Change

Lock change is done when you want to change the design and the look of the current lock. For instance, if your lock is rusty or defaced and you want to renew the look, consider a locks change.

Locks change can also be done when you are looking to upgrade from the current lock to a more secure lock type. For instance, changing from common locks to the electronic lock. Another scenario to consider locks change is if you have locks of the different brand on the house and you just want to work with one brand type.

Therefore, locks change or rekeying should be considered under the scenarios we have discussed above. It is important ensuring that you have the right lock type that guarantees you security. Moreover, most importantly, only consider a professional locksmith when performing either the locks change or rekeying exercise.

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