Why and When to Replace Your Locks At Home

There are certain times when you need to replace your locks at home.
When it comes to locks, there is always a possibility of having the lock rekeyed.
This tends to be the more cost-effective, problem-solving way of securing your home.
Unfortunately, there are those times when that is not possible, and instead of rekeying the locks, a replacement lock installation should be carried out.

Here are some reasons why and when your locks at home should be replaced:-

Moving into a Brand New Property – When you acquire a brand new property, there is no telling just how many people have been issued with key access to your home.
Maybe workers and renovators, cleaners, old tenants, and their family or friends.
Those people might mindlessly throw out the key without giving it a second thought, or it may fall into the hands of untrustworthy characters.
Rekeying the property would make an existing key useless, but there is no way of telling how many times it has been rekeyed, causing extra wear on the locks.
Most experts will recommend brand new installations that you know are fully functional and dependable for your own peace of mind.

Malfunctioning Locks – As with anything, locks may become worn and start to fail overtimes.
If you begin to notice that your key isn’t turning as it used to, it often gets stuck and is really difficult to operate.
Clearly, your locks are not functioning as they should do, and before you find yourself with a key that snaps or breaks off inside your lock the best idea would be to call a locksmith out.
At this point, rekeying would be pointless and not solve your lock issue at all, so the only way forward would be to have the existing locks replaced.

In Need of an Upgrade  – You feel that the current locks to your property don’t really do much, and even you can get into your property without a key, then chances are your security needs to be updated.
You have a straightforward knob lock; maybe adding a deadbolt alongside it would do the trick.
Our homes should have at least two secure, functioning locks. If not, then this is something you really need to pay attention to.
Maybe the existing locks could be reinforced, but for the overall protection of your property, it would be best to get the expert opinion of a locksmith who will make educated recommendations based on years of experience and insider knowledge to which locks will be the very best for

Avoiding Breaks In’s or Forced Entry – If you do not have the appropriate locks, you will become an easy target for unscrupulous behavior.
Thieves and burglars know exactly what to look for in locks, and if you have locks that are really easy to pick or even bump open, then you will be targeted time and time again.
To make sure that you don’t fall victim to this, have an expert install the locks which are advisable for your location and requirements.
It is better to invest in safety and security than lose not only your valuables but items of sentimental value too.

When replacing your locks, don’t take shortcuts; use a professional locksmith to help you. This will ensure the best possible precautions for your property are taken; the service will be simple, effective, and affordable.