Should I Rekey Or Change My Locks?

Rekey Services

Clients seeking locksmith services often confuse locks change and rekeying. Because the two mean different things in the locksmith terminology. Also, whether to change the lock or rekey, apply in different scenarios. This article will define the two terminologies and see when either of the two applies best. Keep reading to find out whether you should rekey or go for the locks change.

Rekeying Definition

The term rekeying refers to the extraction of the lock cylinder from your current lock and changing the lock pins, commonly referred to as the lock tumblers. A professional locksmith will remove the whole lock from the door and replace the original pins with new ones. Therefore, by performing the rekeying procedure, the current key will no longer be used for unlocking the lock anymore. This is simply because the lock pins have changed.

After replacement of original pins with the new set, the locksmith will properly choose the right size of the pin and define the depth of the key while setting the pins. To perform this, a key coder can be used in order to make sure that the right pins will be used. Lock rekeying is a simple procedure and takes just a few minutes to complete. Further, lock rekeying comes with a number of advantages, but also has disadvantages.

When Should You Consider Lock Rekeying?

Lock rekeying can be done under different scenarios. One is when you are happy with the current locks, but you would want these looks to have a different look. Therefore, to renew the old locks while keeping the current key, consider the lock rekeying.

The second scenario when to consider the lock rekeying is if you recently moved into a new place and you do not know if someone else had the key to the house. also, some people will consider lock rekeying after losing the original key. Lock rekeying is becoming a favorite approach for denying a person access to a certain room especially when the terms are violated.

Locks Change Definition

Just as the name suggests, the locks change is different from rekeying because instead of taking out the pins from the lock, you are removing the entire lock cylinder replacing with the new one. Ideally, you are getting rid of the lock cylinder together with the pins. With the locks change, you can change the color and the design of the lock.

Now, you know what locks change and rekeying refer to, in the locksmith terminology. Now, it is important that we see the different circumstances to consider lock rekeying or locks change.

When To consider A Lock Change

Lock change is done when you want to change the design and the look of the current lock. For instance, if your lock is rusty or defaced and you want to renew the look, consider a locks change.

Locks change can also be done when you are looking to upgrade from the current lock to a more secure lock type. For instance, changing from common locks to the electronic lock. Another scenario to consider locks change is if you have locks of the different brand on the house and you just want to work with one brand type.

Therefore, locks change or rekeying should be considered under the scenarios we have discussed above. It is important ensuring that you have the right lock type that guarantees you security. Moreover, most importantly, only consider a professional locksmith when performing either the locks change or rekeying exercise.

Locksmith Tarzana provides the best lock rekeying and locks change services. contact us today and enjoy a professional service that will meet your needs.

3 Tips To Beat Car Lockout

Car Lockout

While there are many things that can go wrong while driving around in your car, locking yourself out ranks near the top of the list for the worst things that can happen.

Unless you have a spare key handy, there is little you can do in the moment once you shut your car door and realize your car keys are still hanging in the ignition.

The following tips are great to keep in mind when you are out driving. And they could potentially save you the trouble and embarrassment of a car lockout.


Using a brightly colored key chain can also help you keep track of your keys. Some other colorful items to use to help you keep track of your keys include brightly colored lanyards, charms, and other decorative items. A bulky key chain is harder to lose sight of.


A good option to prevent locking yourself out of your vehicle is to have spare keys made. In addition to having spare keys made, you need to have easy access to them when you lock yourself out. You can have them at home in an easily accessible place, including the kitchen or in your bedroom.

While it might seem redundant, you can keep a spare key in your pocket or purse. Another thing you can do is hide your key somewhere in your vehicle. Usually in a magnetic box stuck in an inconspicuous place.


A final option is to have a locksmith’s number handy for when you do lock your keys in the car. Have the number on hand either in your contact book or programmed into your phone. That way, if you do go through a car lockout, help is only a phone call away without having to worry about a yearly auto club membership.


Broken Locks

When Your Lock Breaks | Lock Repair Tarzana

Locks break for a variety of reasons ranging from jammed bolts, malfunctioning locking mechanisms and worn combination wheels. It is possible to open a broken lock by using a method that best suits the type of lock and the type of break.

A locksmith can usually remedy any broken lock situation, but amateurs can attempt it themselves first to save the expense and hassle of hiring a professional. However, opening a lock without the owner’s consent is illegal. Here are some steps you can take at home to crack your own faulty lock and save some greens too.

Step 1- Spray a mechanical lubricant into the keyhole and the padlock bolt. This process can remove any debris that may be blocking the key from entering and/or turning properly in the keyhole.

Step 2- Insert the tip of the flathead screwdriver into the space where the padlock bolt enters the main part of the padlock. Jam the screwdriver in as far as it will go, then tap it with the hammer using a fair amount of force. Continue to do this until the bolt releases out of the padlock.

Step 3- Slide the flathead screwdriver into the side of the plastic, numbered part of the combination lock and press upwards to pop this cover piece off. This should reveal where the lock latches. Wedge the screwdriver tip in this spot and lever it upwards to snap the latch open.

Step 4- Hit the bolt portion of the padlock with a hammer at the point where the bolt meets the round combination portion of the lock. Repeat this process until the bolt eventually releases from the rest of the lock.

Step 5- Cut the bolt part of the padlock or the combination lock with bolt cutters. Use the bolt cutters that best fit the size of the lock’s bolt. Work the bolt cutters back and forth, like scissors, until they eventually cut through the bolt.

Locksmith Tarzana Is Here To Help

Locks range in size, difficulty and properties. It can take quite some time to break your first lock, but if you stick with it, the results are definitely worth it. However, if you’re running short on time, don’t hesitate to call up your local locksmith who can do the job for you on your lunch break.

What a Mobile Locksmith Can Dо For Yоu

Mobile Locksmith


A significant number of people do not consider a car lockout until they find themselves in that situation.
They eventually wonder the time away, thinking about how they managed to forget their keys inside their car.

If you’ve ever being in such a situation, then you know how time-consuming, frustrating and intimidating it can be.
Forgetting the keys inside your car or misplacing them is the last thing you would expect in the middle of a busy day.
This is where mobile locksmith services of a professional locksmith come in handy.
A mobile locksmith helps you get back on the road quickly so that you can continue your schedule without any delay.
No matter where you are and what kind of lockout situation you’re dealing with, a mobile locksmith will provide you with the assistance you need with all your lock and security needs.
These professionals are trained, licensed, and equipped with all the appropriate tools to tackle any lockout situation.


Quick & Fast Intervention

Getting locked out of your car is very tiring, and it is bothering. It’s always important to have the contact of a reliable and experienced locksmith in your phonebook.
A mobile locksmith provides help that will get you out of such stressful situations with great ease and experience.
They are qualified professionals who have gone through extensive training to react quickly to all types of lockout emergencies.
Their services also include additional lock services, such as creating a new set of keys for your home, office, car, changing a damaged lock, opening a jammed safe, and much more.


24/7 Services

What is even more spectacular about the services of professional mobile locksmiths is that they are always available to provide you with the help you need at any given time of the day and any day of the year, even on holidays. A professional mobile locksmith will help you get back into your car and home within minutes after you call them at any given time of the day, even at the dead of the night.
So you don’t have to fear being stranded by your car or your car being stolen, just call your mobile locksmith, and you will cruise your ride to your destination safely again.


 Specialized Services

Mobile locksmiths function as so much more than you imagine. They provide services that include Rekeying, Broken Key Extraction, Emergency Lockout, Master Key System installation, Transponder Key Programming, Key Duplication, Safe Lockouts, Access Control System Installation, Digital Locks and Electronic Locks Installation, Car Key Replacement, etc.
They are professionally trained and certified to provide high-security services such as installing CCTV, key examination, and analysis, etc.


Professional and Advanced Tools

Mobile locksmiths use the right tools to save your day.
From fixing new keys to helping solve your car lock problems, to helping solve ignition issues or broken keys, they use great and powerful tools that simplify work and make it even easier. This provides you with assurance on whatever issues you might be having, and all these at affordable and cheap rates.

Who is the best locksmith?

Best Services

Tarzana Locksmith

At Tarzana Locksmith, we are a family and work business advancing all around arranged and strong organization for a significantly long time. We guarantee an expert tech each time you call, whether you require our organizations or have a question that needs to be answered.
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How is Tarzana Locksmith the best?

Remember, Tarzana Locksmiths experts are staying by 24 hours a day, 7 days seven days to safeguard you with anything from being rushed out of your home or auto to settling on life-changing security decisions about how you require your family, vehicle, or business guaranteed.
Notwithstanding whether it’s 7 am or 3 am amid the night (dependent upon your lifestyle), the company will help with all the locksmith services.
The company would state at Tarzana  Locksmith; we have seen practically every situation out there, so we can promise you that authority will have the ability to help you and be there in as pitiful as 20 minutes.

Business Locksmith:

If you have a private business, the company offers 24 hours locksmith a day, seven days to reinforce your business locksmith and key necessities.
As business people ourselves, we fathom the centrality of what your business means to you.
By allowing our pros the opportunity to help you secure your work while overseeing your very required piece-of-mind, Tarzana Locksmiths will present and keep up anything from a Master Key or buzz-and-open structure to presumably the most significant mechanical headways in the field.
Besides, if you are unverifiable about what kind of security endeavors you should take, one of the trusted masters will sit down with you and look at exactly what you need and how you require it.

Auto Key Locksmith Tarzana 

Various other auto locksmith services in Tarzana are not prepared to complete the organizations that the company offers here through our auto locksmith.
Transponder Car keys are one organization that various versatile associations can’t complete accordingly to the measure of advancement inside these substitution auto keys.
Begin changes can, in like manner, be an issue for some other auto locksmiths subsequently of the assortments of begins between auto make and models.
He is aware of everything regarding most of the most recent auto locksmith development and can help you with any organization your vehicle may require.

Auto Locksmith Tarzana 

Call Tarzana Locksmith today to get the best in automotive locksmith organizations.
The auto locksmith is approved, strengthened, and ensured to give you speedy and honest to goodness organization.
With the latest and updated equipment, no auto locksmith issue is a match for us.
The specialists can drive to your territory and give organizations like lockouts, begin changes, transponder substitution auto keys, re-keys, broken auto scratch extractions, substitution auto scratch remotes, Vat auto keys, cruiser keys, substitution auto keys, and late-night lockouts.
Whatever auto locksmith advantage you require, you can depend on the company to give you the best choice advantage in Yelp Los Angeles.

Crisis Services:

If there ought to be an event of an emergency, call Tarzana Locksmith.
The company will be there to shield you from emergency conditions.
If you are darted out of your home or auto, can’t find your keys, or mollified the key up the jolt, the company can give you an extraordinary genuine advantage.
The company needn’t bother with our customers secured out shocking atmosphere or stranded a long way from home, so our emergency locksmith will drive to where you are, play out the occupation you require, and get you where you ought to be.
No convincing motivation to push.
If you are darted out, the company would be there to manage you and most of your emergency locksmith needs, so don’t solidify.

Why and When to Replace Your Locks At Home

There are certain times when you need to replace your locks at home.
When it comes to locks, there is always a possibility of having the lock rekeyed.
This tends to be the more cost-effective, problem-solving way of securing your home.
Unfortunately, there are those times when that is not possible, and instead of rekeying the locks, a replacement lock installation should be carried out.

Here are some reasons why and when your locks at home should be replaced:-

Moving into a Brand New Property – When you acquire a brand new property, there is no telling just how many people have been issued with key access to your home.
Maybe workers and renovators, cleaners, old tenants, and their family or friends.
Those people might mindlessly throw out the key without giving it a second thought, or it may fall into the hands of untrustworthy characters.
Rekeying the property would make an existing key useless, but there is no way of telling how many times it has been rekeyed, causing extra wear on the locks.
Most experts will recommend brand new installations that you know are fully functional and dependable for your own peace of mind.

Malfunctioning Locks – As with anything, locks may become worn and start to fail overtimes.
If you begin to notice that your key isn’t turning as it used to, it often gets stuck and is really difficult to operate.
Clearly, your locks are not functioning as they should do, and before you find yourself with a key that snaps or breaks off inside your lock the best idea would be to call a locksmith out.
At this point, rekeying would be pointless and not solve your lock issue at all, so the only way forward would be to have the existing locks replaced.

In Need of an Upgrade  – You feel that the current locks to your property don’t really do much, and even you can get into your property without a key, then chances are your security needs to be updated.
You have a straightforward knob lock; maybe adding a deadbolt alongside it would do the trick.
Our homes should have at least two secure, functioning locks. If not, then this is something you really need to pay attention to.
Maybe the existing locks could be reinforced, but for the overall protection of your property, it would be best to get the expert opinion of a locksmith who will make educated recommendations based on years of experience and insider knowledge to which locks will be the very best for

Avoiding Breaks In’s or Forced Entry – If you do not have the appropriate locks, you will become an easy target for unscrupulous behavior.
Thieves and burglars know exactly what to look for in locks, and if you have locks that are really easy to pick or even bump open, then you will be targeted time and time again.
To make sure that you don’t fall victim to this, have an expert install the locks which are advisable for your location and requirements.
It is better to invest in safety and security than lose not only your valuables but items of sentimental value too.

When replacing your locks, don’t take shortcuts; use a professional locksmith to help you. This will ensure the best possible precautions for your property are taken; the service will be simple, effective, and affordable.